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My name is Will Maddigan. I grew up and began guiding in Minaki, Ontario, on the Winnipeg River, north of Kenora.  I headed south to the larger, more challenging, Lake of the Woods, in the early 90s, and began the long process of learning this incredible lake, and the fish that live below its surface. My first guide job on the lake was at a small resort centrally located, and fairly isolated. In the those days, there was very little boat traffic, and I, along with a few fortunate souls, were able to explore, and fish this area for many years, without much intrusion.
Working for several different lodges across the lake over the years, has expanded my range, and I now cover most of the northern part of the lake, from Sioux Narrows, west, to Shoal Lake, and from Kenora, down to the northwest angle. My clients include families, good friends, and companies treating their employees and clients. I have also been featured on several television shows in Canada, United States and Japan. I have an exceptional understanding of the area, and the skills to showcase the world class fishing, this lake has to offer.
Although I am an accomplished musky fisherman, I spend an equal amount of time chasing after walleye, bass, pike, and lake trout. As my photo gallery shows, I am very flexible when it comes to targeting different species. I am also a skilled photographer, and can capture some great moments of you and your trophies.
I support conservation. I prefer to keep only smaller fish for lunch, and smaller take home fish. The quality of fishing on LOTW, is a perfect example of what can happen when sensible size, number, and catch and release regulations, are put in place.
Very few of us have had the opportunity, and are fortunate enough, to have spent as much time fishing on this lake, as I have. Bringing people out on the lake, and showing them an “over the top” experience, is what I do, and that's my goal.






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